• Info About Me

    Faik Al-Aboudi

    I am a fine artist from the East; the land of sun, light and colours

    .I was born in Baghdad, Iraq; land of ancient history and the charming tales of one thousand nights

    .I reside in Switzerland, the country that has embraced me and became my second homeland

    In my childhood, I stood curiously before clay and stone statues crafted by the hands of my Sumerian and Babylonian ancestors. Later, these artefacts became a unique treasure of inspiration to me

    I have studied fine arts, design, photography and Arabic calligraphy and have always been driven by a passion for discovery. I adore paint and the smell it omits

    I am excited by colours, I indulge in them and play with them on any surface be it canvas, paper or wood
    My background in design on print and décor have allowed me to perfect my work within those aspects in order to take the viewer on a journey

    By nature, I am a human of extreme healthy anxiety. This characteristic motivates me as a fine artist to give my all and perfect my work

    I indulge in lengthy and deep thought before each painting that is alike to a Sufism meditation

    My career begun by working in calligraphy and lettering then in the realistic school technique where I painted Old Baghdad with its alleys, walls, and distinctive wooden doors

    Through research and experience, my works have been through extensive bouts of evolution within their colours, materials, styles and approaches, to finally reach the distinctive style of today

    I do not hesitate when it comes to trial and error, I enjoy exploration and I work on a wide range of materials

    Yet I always enjoy working on wood as it makes me feel like I am giving it another chance for life. It feels as if I am preventing the death of a tree by giving it part of my soul to let it live again

    Wood opens up a wide space for using many techniques, it also embodies the long life of the tree that it has come from, this results in a beautiful sense of reality, life, and history to the painting

    An idea emerges and evolves during the stages of work, taking my hand and guiding me to align with these stages of development at the painting surface. With colours and brush touches, the painting slowly but steadily starts taking form like a symphony starting slow and beautifully evolving until becoming complete

    Yet that is not where it ends as more and more ideas arise with passion and feelings for new works

    Using multiple layers of paint and special techniques, I give the canvas an ancient appearance as of an ancient tablet or artefact of history

    Such work requires more intensive effort as to create that ancient appearance with the remnant effects of time. My works offer the public an exploration of unique techniques and details that have been accurately studied and carried out making spectators fly in the space of my paintings and admire the fine details, and directly feeling the hours of passion and history my works embodies

    A true indulgence does not stop with the completion of a painting

    It extends with a warm feeling of achievement that is born with each completion of a painting

    I am certain that there is nothing more beautiful than this sense of achievement

    thanks for your visit